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Current Media Club Clips

Media Club videos about the making of the Bollywood Jungle Book


Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse (YSKP) is an arts organization in residence at Mills Lawn Elementary School.

The MLS Media Club was created through a 2010-2011 OAC Arts Partnership. It also received generous support from the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation.

During the residency period, Mills Lawn and YSKP media artists, Anne Bohlen and Sevhilla Mann along with YSKP’s John Fleming are working with students to create a series of short videos as part of a news broadcast. Carol Culbertson an ILE/Gifted Intervention Specialist, coordinates the integration of YSKP staff into the Mills Lawn Elementary School classroom.

Every Tuesday, after regular school hours, about a dozen students have been working with YSKP to create the Mills Lawn Media Club. The club investigates media literacy concepts in tandem with media production techniques. The mix of theater and media results in a weekly live all-school TV broadcast in which the Media Club students are involved in all aspects of production. Posted above are the videos the Media Club have played back during these morning broadcasts.

The student members of the winter 2011 Mills Lawn Media Club are Raine, Jesse, Sam, Cameron, Alex, Kasey, Zeke, Emma, and Charlie.

For more information contact: John Fleming –