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Scholarship Info

You can download the YSKP Scholarship form HERE. Please print, fill out, scan and email to or mail to YSKP at PO Box 478 Yellow Springs, OH 45387.

YSKP Scholarship FAQ

What are YSKP Scholarships provided for?

YSKP scholarships are provided to offset tuition for youth in our Summer immersion, Winter and Fall Classes and workshops.

How are scholarships awarded?

Those interested in receiving a YSKP scholarship should fill out the above form. YSKP Scholarships are income-based on a sliding scale.

How much can be awarded through scholarship?

The maximum scholarship award provided is 50% reduction in fees.

How will we find out if we received a scholarship?

After we review all submitted materials we will contact you by email or phone with the percentage of reduction you received for the scholarship event.

What if we still cannot afford the fees after the scholarship reduction?

Should you need additional assistance in paying for our classes, workshops or immersions YSKP staff can work with you on a case by case basis. Contact us at or call 937-767-7800 for more info.
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