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News and Events

Kiddo! 2 – More sh*t you wrote when you were a kid

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 8-10p
Yellow Springs Brewery, 305 Walnut St, Yellow Springs, Ohio.
$5 suggested cover.

Kiddo! is an open mic event where participants read aloud something they wrote as a kid. We had so much fun in December, we decided we needed to do it again! So, dig through the attic to find your childhood diary or notebook, track down that note you wrote to your middle school crush about how you didn’t to say he smelled bad, print out that “well-researched” fifth grade report on spiders, or uncover that poem you were sure was going to make you famous and join us for an evening just short of embarrassment.

Yellow Springs Brewery is a new(ish) local brewery. Their craft beers have won awards and are becoming popular throughout the region. While you are laughing at childish writings, enjoy a Captain Stardust, Wyatt’s Eviction or Wobbly Wheel.

2nd Annual Mardi Gras FUNdraiser

March 1, 2014
7:00-11:00p, Glen Building, 405 Corry Street, Yellow Springs Ohio.

It’s a Fat Saturday Bash to dance the winter blues away. Tickets include a full menu, beverages, entertainments and dancing.
Tickets at door, $65 individual & $115 couple. 

Wait, What, Wow! Comedy Showcase

February 22, 2014
7:00p, Glen Building, 405 Corry Street, Yellow Springs Ohio.

$5 cover includes light appetizers and one drink, additional beverages available for purchase

Was your Valentine’s day depressing? Or, was it so wonderful you can’t stop smiling? No matter!! Join us for an evening of laughs as the members of our comedy workshop take the stage. There will be laughter, there might be tears, but it will certainly be fun.

Presenting:  Kate Anderson, Maria Bakari, Allan Howard, Rose Moore, Josh Paddison and Ann Simonson with Mama Kate.


YSKP Presents:

February 2014:
8th @ 7pm
9th @ 3pm
14th @ 7pm
15th @ 7pm & 10pm

Glen Building, 405 Corry Street, Yellow Springs Ohio
Tickets $10 for adults, $5 for seniors and students

This February, a 500 foot firebreathing radioactive lizard will rise from the sea and wreak havoc on humankind.  Where is it going?  What does it want?  How the devil can it be stopped?  Travel around the globe with a talented cast of teens and young adults as they risk everything to save us all from the wrath of GODZILLA!

GODZILLA! is an original musical parody written by Corrie Van Ausdal in collaboration with Phillip and Gordon Reynolds and musician Blaze Wright.  The play features visual effects by local graphic artist Zane Reichert as well as live sound effects and music directed by Xavier Suarez.

The show features a cast of five teenaged actors, who are double-, triple-, quadruple- cast to bring to life a rich and complex world on the brink of total destruction.   Blaze Wright and Jeremiah Scott were part of the original FMC cast, and new to this production are Bear Wright, Duard Headley and Sumayah Chappelle. The production team also includes musician Sam Salazar, sound effects creator Maddie Allen, Antioch student Hannah Craig who is the Assistant Director, Stage Manager Amy Cunningham, and local musician Jason McClean.  Each performance will also showcase a one-night only celebrity guest star.

Our First Annual Meeting

January 25, 2014: Annual Meeting.
2-4p, Glen Building, 405 Corry Street, Yellow Springs Ohio.

The YS Kids Playhouse invites you to attend its first Annual Meeting. See previews of our two upcoming shows, Godzilla! and Superhuman Happiness.  The YSKP Leadership Team will provide  a ‘State of the Company’ address. Learn more about our current projects such as the YS Arts Alliance initiative. The community is invited to participate in a discussion about the YSKP’s future, which will include our succession plans as John Fleming retires at the end of Summer 2014. Light refreshments will be provided.

“As the YSKP enters its 20th year, we are ever grateful to the people of Yellow Springs for two decades of support as audiences, actors, volunteers and patrons,” says YSKP Founder and Artistic Director John Fleming. Superhuman Happiness, an adaptation of Ovid’s Metamorphosis, will be performed at the Antioch Amphitheater from July 10-20, 2014. For more information, visit or

The YSKP would like to thank our 2014 partners, which include YS Community Foundation, AntiochCollege and Ohio Arts Council.


Our First Alumni Event!
(everyone welcome!)

December 30, 2013: Kiddo! – Sh*t you wrote when you were a kid. 8-10p, Yellow Springs Brewery, $5 suggested cover.

Kiddo! is an open mic event where participants read aloud something they wrote as a kid. So, dig through the attic to find your childhood diary or notebook, track down that note you wrote to your mom when you were eight about why you were running away, or print out that “well-researched” fifth grade report on spiders and join us for an evening just short of embarrassment.

John Fleming Nominated for Governor’s Award for the Arts

October 25, 2013

John Fleming, founder and artistic director of YSKP for twenty years has been nominated for a Governor’s Award for the Arts in the arts administrator category.  Fleming was nominated because “ [t]hrough the Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse children grow up learning that theatre is a fresh art form and that plays are written to speak to the political and social concerns of the day. Very few theatre companies in this country are as socially and politically relevant.”

Alumnae Allison Kelly, who works in film and television in New York City, credits “John opened my eyes and imagination far exceeding the confines of the amphitheater we performed in. Using skill, preparation, and searching for the most creative choice like I had for years at YSKP, I allowed a lot of this will never happen phrases to disappear from my vocabulary. Allowing myself to be open and honest in my art as a young person saved me from a frightened, self-critical adulthood. When based less on applause and more on process, arts education allows kids to build confidence in how they think and how to contribute to a product they can be proud of.”

Alumnus Matthew Zaramesky, who has earned a PhD in Mathematics says “in my mathematical research, creativity is extremely important; when trying to solve a problem that no one has ever solved, creativity is the crucial skill, and not just being fast at calculating (which I am definitely not). As anyone who’s been in a play will attest, problem-solving skills are paramount in theater. All in all, my years of experience with theater have, I believe, made me a more effective teacher and researcher, and certainly more socially competent, as far as mathematicians go.”

And local superintendent, Mario Basora, who is also a parent of a current participant thanks John, because his daughter’s experience in YSKP “ has been the single greatest learning experience of her young life. It has been more impactful than any experience she has had in or out of school. Being a part of YSKP has given her confidence to speak clearly, project her voice, advocate for herself and others, and work collaboratively and interdependently with other children her age and older. These are the skills necessary to be successful in life. She would not have had these opportunities in other communities. It is because of John Fleming’s vision and leadership that my children and the other children of Yellow Springs have had the great opportunities afforded through the YSKP.”

You can read the full nomination here.

Award winners will be announced at a luncheon in Columbus in May.